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Accesso Disabili - Zante Grecia

Dionysos Studios - Laganas
Dionysos Studios - Laganas Zacinto
Welcome to Dionysos Studios in Laganas, Zakynthos! Our self-catering accommodations are only 300 meters from Laganas beach, offering...
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Nikis Beach House - Alykes
Nikis Beach House - Alykes Zacinto Grecia
Escape to our charming accommodation retreat, Niki’s Beach House, a cozy place that can accommodate up to four...
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Kolevri Studios - Laganas
Kolevri Studios - Laganas Zacinto
Kolevri Studios are located in the very popular tourist resort of Laganas, near pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, shops,...
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La Casa De Zante - Laganas
La Casa De Zante - Laganas Zacinto Grecia
Casa de Zante is located in Agrilia, near the famous tourist resort of Laganas, and is a luxurious...
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Sanpiero Island - Laganas
Sanpiero Island - Laganas Zacinto
Sanpiero Island is a holiday accommodation, consisting of 9 rooms, in the famous area of Laganas! Each room features...
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Filios Villa - Gaitani
Filios Villa - Gaitani Zacinto Grecia
Thinking of spending relaxed summer vacations in a house with homey ambient and all contemporary comforts? Filios Villa...
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Natasas Apartments - Alykes
Natasas Apartments - Alykes Zacinto
Just 100m from the sea, in the popular Alykes resort, Natasa’s Apartments offer you excellent accommodation, to ensure...
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Marietta's Apartment - Alykes
Marietta's Apartment - Alykes Zacinto Grecia
Welcome to Marietta’s Apartment, located in the beautiful coastal village of Alykes. Our apartment offers a comfortable and...
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Villas Thalia - Mouzaki
Villas Thalia - Mouzaki Zacinto
Discover the perfect blend of contemporary elegance and traditional Zakynthian architecture at Villas Thalia, a newly built complex...
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Amygdalia Villa - Pantokratoras
Amygdalia Villa - Pantokratoras Zacinto Grecia
Amygdalia Villa is a beautiful holiday home in the vicinity of Pantokratoras settlement, a few kilometers away from...
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Dorothea Villa - Galaro
Dorothea Villa - Galaro Zacinto
Located in Galaro, a quiet village in the center of Zakynthos Island, Dorothea Villa is an amazing holiday...
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Lithakia Balcony Villa - Lithakia
Lithakia Balcony Villa - Lithakia Zacinto Grecia
Lithakia Balcony villa is a big and spacious, about 400 sq. meters villa, that is located in the...
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Sea Elegance Villa - Psarou
Sea Elegance Villa - Psarou Zacinto
Sea Elegance is a spacious beachfront villa, that measures about 150 sq. m and can accommodate up to...
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Daisy's Garden - Skoulikado
Daisy's Garden - Skoulikado Zacinto Grecia
Located in the quiet Skoulikado village, just 5km away from the popular resorts of Alykes and Alykanas, Daisy’s...
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Kapodistria Villa - Tsilivi
Kapodistria Villa - Tsilivi Zacinto
The perfect example of luxurious minimalism, Kapodistria Villa is a wonderful holiday home with a private swimming pool,...
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Antonia Villa - Kalipado
Antonia Villa - Kalipado Zacinto Grecia
Located in Agios Kirikos, in the centre of Zakynthos Island, Antonia Villa is a newly-built luxurious holiday home,...
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Villa Murtini - Agios Kirikas
Villa Murtini - Agios Kirikas Zacinto
Murtini Villa is a comfortable stone-built two-storied maisonette with unparalleled decoration, an amazing swimming pool, carefully tended exterior...
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Delight Luxury Villa - Pantokratoras
Delight Luxury Villa - Pantokratoras Zacinto Grecia
In the village of Pantokratoras, a mere 3.5km outside the world-famous resort of Laganas, Delight Luxury Villa is...
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Villa Shangri-La - Sarakinado
Villa Shangri-La - Sarakinado Zacinto
Having been established as one of the most sought-after luxury homes in Zakynthos, Villa Shangri-La is a holiday...
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Anthis Luxury Villa - Ampelokipi
Anthis Luxury Villa - Ampelokipi Zacinto Grecia
With a fantastic outdoor area offering full privacy, a built BBQ and a swimming pool, the stylish Anthi’s...
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Rebek Luxury Villas & Suites - Agios Nikolaos
Rebek Luxury Villas & Suites - Agios Nikolaos Zacinto
Three newly built accommodations which overlook the Ionian Sea, with common spaces that feature sunbeds, parasols, a dining...
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La Casa Di Nina - Laganas
La Casa Di Nina - Laganas Zacinto Grecia
La Casa di Nina is a country holiday home with a prrivate swimming pool, located in the famous...
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Magnolia Home - Lithakia
Magnolia Home - Lithakia Zacinto
Escape to the serene beauty of Zakynthos and experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience at Magnolia Homes....
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Villa Licaj - Kipseli
Villa Licaj - Kipseli Zacinto Grecia
Unearth the allure of Villa Licaj, nestled in the tranquil Kypseli area. Boasting an idyllic hillside location close...
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Villa V - Laganas
Villa V - Laganas Zacinto
Experience the epitome of luxury at Villa V, positioned directly on famous Laganas sandy beach. This exquisite three-bedroom...
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Mayamor Villas - Tsilivi
Mayamor Villas - Tsilivi Zacinto Grecia
When privacy meets comfort and luxury combines with elegance, then you have found the ideal accommodation for memorable...
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Deja Vu Villas - Agios Nikolaos
Deja Vu Villas - Agios Nikolaos Zacinto
Deja Vu Villas is an elegant complex of contemporary style, located in Agios Nikolaos village, at the northern...
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Sarakino Villa - Agios Dimitrios
Sarakino Villa - Agios Dimitrios Zacinto Grecia
Bordered by evergreen vineyards and lush olive trees in the tiny hamlet of Agios Dimitrios, Sarakino Villa is...
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Olive Tree Villas - Drosia
Olive Tree Villas - Drosia Zacinto
The Olive Tree Villas are beautiful villas situated just 300 metres from the lovely beach of Drosia. Located...
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La Maison du Maire - Sarakinado
La Maison du Maire - Sarakinado Zacinto Grecia
La Maison du Maire (Mayor’s house) is a luxury villa with a private pool, ideal for up to...
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Tramonto Villa - Volimes
Tramonto Villa - Volimes Zacinto
Tramonto is a 180 sq.m villa with private pool and four bedrooms in the traditional Volimes village. The...
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Villa Danae 1 & 2 - Agios Sostis
Villa Danae 1 & 2 - Agios Sostis Zacinto Grecia
Villa Danae is a complex of 2 villas (villa 1 & villa 2) in Agios Sostis. Both are...
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Villa Kondarini - Tsilivi
Villa Kondarini - Tsilivi Zacinto
A two-story maisonette that measures a whopping 240 sq.m. and features its own private swimming pool, Villa Kondarini...
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Jasmine Suites - Tsilivi
Jasmine Suites - Tsilivi Zacinto Grecia
Jasmine Suites are two magnificent independent suites, each one with its own swimming pool (with a Jacuzzi!), pool...
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Estrella Villa - Exo Hora
Estrella Villa - Exo Hora Zacinto
It is time for something truly both different and authentic; Estrella Villa, a wonderful holiday home with an...
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Villa Venia - Tragaki
Villa Venia - Tragaki Zacinto Grecia
Villa Venia is a luxurious, recently renovated villa, located in Tragaki (near the famous resort of Tsilivi), with...
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Villa Fabiana - Kipseli
Villa Fabiana - Kipseli Zacinto
Located in Drosia, near the popular resort of Tsilivi, Villa Fabianna is a luxurious villa with a swimming...
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Villa Belen - Kipseli
Villa Belen - Kipseli Zacinto Grecia
Located in Drosia, near the popular resort of Tsilivi, Villa Belen is a luxurious villa with a swimming...
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Arbarosa Villa - Volimes
Arbarosa Villa - Volimes Zacinto
Arbarosa Villa is a beautiful, newly renovated two-story villa in the vicinity of Agios Nikolaos settlement, a few...
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Casa di Pietra - Vanato
Casa di Pietra - Vanato Zacinto Grecia
Located in the Vanato settlement, just a few minutes’ drive away from both the picturesque capital of Zakynthos...
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Azzuro Beach House - Vassilikos
Azzuro Beach House - Vassilikos Zacinto
Surrounded by pine trees, with direct access to a secluded beach and with the endless song of the...
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Sun White Villa - Laganas
Sun White Villa - Laganas Zacinto Grecia
A 105sqm two-story villa with a swimming pool, Sun White Villa is located in the centre of the...
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Memorias Villas and Suites - Vassilikos
Memorias Villas and Suites - Vassilikos Zacinto
Escape to the island paradise of Zakynthos and experience the ultimate in luxury living at Memorias Villas. Nestled...
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Askos Villa - Volimes
Askos Villa - Volimes Zacinto Grecia
Askos Villa is a beautiful, stone-built holiday home of 106 square meters and unique traditional design, with lush...
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Alegria Villas - Vassilikos
Alegria Villas - Vassilikos Zacinto
Alegria Villas is a holiday complex consisting of 4 villas with a private pool and 6 maisonettes with...
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Davids Villas - Vassilikos
Davids Villas - Vassilikos Zacinto Grecia
David’s Villas are two beautiful holiday homes in the area of Vasilikos. The villas can accommodate two persons...
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Nicoletta Studios - Tsilivi
Nicoletta Studios - Tsilivi Zacinto
The Nicoletta Studios are situated in the center of the well known Tsilivi tourist area, just 250 meters...
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Villa Danae - Vassilikos
Villa Danae - Vassilikos Zacinto Grecia
Welcome to the newest member of Periyali Villas complex, Danae Villa. The newly-built elegant villa is a spacious...
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Oasis Apartments & Studios - Alykanas
Oasis Apartments & Studios - Alykanas Zacinto
Oasis Apartments & Studios is a building complex featuring basically equipped, low-priced studios and apartment, as well as...
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Omnia Villa - Argassi
Omnia Villa - Argassi Zacinto Grecia
Step into the serenity of Omnia Villa, your perfect escape nestled in the picturesque landscape of Argassi, Zakynthos....
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Tonia Apartments - Alykanas
Tonia Apartments - Alykanas Zacinto
A few steps away from an enchanting beach with sand and crystal clear waters, Tonia Apartments is the...
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Periyali Villas - Vassilikos
Periyali Villas - Vassilikos Zacinto Grecia
Welcome to Periyali Villas, located to Vasilikos Resort, next to the famous sea-turtle nesting beach and conservation area...
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Sweet Cottage Retreat - Drosia
Sweet Cottage Retreat - Drosia Zacinto
No other holiday home can express the term “home away from home” better than Sweet Cottage Retreat near...
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Mariettas Cottage - Agios Dimitrios
Mariettas Cottage - Agios Dimitrios Zacinto Grecia
We welcome you to Marietta's Cottage at Pigadakia village, a beautiful summer house for quiet vacations in the...
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Kanela Farm House - Alykes
Kanela Farm House - Alykes Zacinto
Nestled amidst sprawling vineyards on a 5-acre plot, Kanela Farmhouse offers a serene escape within its 210 m2...
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Loukia΄s House - Psarou
Loukia΄s House - Psarou Zacinto Grecia
Loukia’s House, a two bedroom holiday home in Psarou, is a great option if you are looking for...
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Varta Village - Kalipado
Varta Village - Kalipado Zacinto
Elea House, in Varta Village complex, is a beautiful stone villa, which is a unique option for groups...
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Olivegrove Villa - Tragaki
Olivegrove Villa - Tragaki Zacinto Grecia
Olive Grove Villa is a beautiful villa, surrounded by lush olive trees, which is a unique option for...
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Villa Anna Apartments - Vassilikos
Villa Anna Apartments - Vassilikos Zacinto
Villa Anna is a wonderful vacation home, located in the village of Vassilikos, near restaurants, shops, and a...
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Avesta Apartments - Vassilikos
Avesta Apartments - Vassilikos Zacinto Grecia
Avesta Apartments is located in Vasilikos, Zakynthos, and consists of three fully furnished two-level maisonettes, each able to...
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Ananta Blue Residence - Vassilikos
Ananta Blue Residence - Vassilikos Zacinto
Ananta Blue Residence consists of three perfect accommodations- two apartments and a luxury villa with an infinity pool...
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Villa Alexandros - Kiliomenos
Villa Alexandros - Kiliomenos Zacinto Grecia
Combining contemporary amenities and pure zakynthian, traditional style and elegance, Villa Alexandros in Koiliomenos village is the ideal...
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Armyra Villas - Agios Nikolaos
Armyra Villas - Agios Nikolaos Zacinto
Armyra Villas is a beautiful holiday accommodation complex, located in a private plot of land full of olive...
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Kokkinos Studios - Agios Nikolaos
Kokkinos Studios - Agios Nikolaos Zacinto Grecia
Kokkinos Studios are two studios located in the area of Agios Nikolaos Volimon, on Mikro Nisi beach, just...
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Ionian Aura Apartments - Tsilivi
Ionian Aura Apartments - Tsilivi Zacinto
A lovely holiday accommodation complex in the outskirts of the famous Tsilivi resort, Ionian Aura consists of two...
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Paradise Apartments - Alykes
Paradise Apartments - Alykes Zacinto Grecia
Paradise Apartments is a wonderful and relaxing accommodation complex, featuring a swimming pool and located in the tourist...
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Pahnis Studios - Alykanas
Pahnis Studios - Alykanas Zacinto
The Pahnis studios are located on the outskirts of Alykanas, a mere 300m from the resort center and...
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Bratis Holiday Home - Kallithea
Bratis Holiday Home - Kallithea Zacinto Grecia
If you are a supporter of the belief that beauty lies in simplicity, Bratis Holiday Home at Kalithea...
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Therianos Villas - Kallithea
Therianos Villas - Kallithea Zacinto
Located in the quiet village of Kallithea, not far from three tourist resorts and on a private, lush...
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Alkis Farm and Residence - Gyri
Alkis Farm and Residence - Gyri Zacinto Grecia
Uncover the true essense of Zakynthos at Alkis Farm and Residence, situated in the picturesque village of Gyri....
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Vatia Villas - Tragaki
Vatia Villas - Tragaki Zacinto
The Vatia Villas complex consists of three private pool villas situated near Gaidaros beach in the quiet village...
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Villa Kirstin - Dikopoulos Organic Farm - Tragaki
Villa Kirstin - Dikopoulos Organic Farm - Tragaki Zacinto Grecia
Villa Kirstin is located in the Dikopoulos Organic Farm in Tragaki area. It is a traditional stone villa...
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Suburban Elegant Studios - Zante Town
Suburban Elegant Studios - Zante Town Zacinto
Uncover the charms of Zakynthos with Suburban Elegant Studios, an oasis of tranquility in Kipoi, near Zakynthos town....
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Diomani Maison - Agios Sostis
Diomani Maison - Agios Sostis Zacinto Grecia
Diomani Maison is a luxurious holiday home located in the tranquil area of Agios Sostis, a few minutes’...
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Anemos Beach House - Alykes
Anemos Beach House - Alykes Zacinto
A true home away from home, Anemos beach house, located right on the beach is the perfect getaway...
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Avra Luxury Villa - Keri Lake
Avra Luxury Villa - Keri Lake Zacinto Grecia
The Avra Villa is a luxurious stone villa built among olive trees in a quiet part of Limni...
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Costas Studios - Argassi
Costas Studios - Argassi Zacinto
Costas Studios in Argassi, near the capital of Zakynthos’s Island, is a newly renovated apartment complex, consisting of...
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St. Harry's Windmill - Kipseli
St. Harry's Windmill - Kipseli Zacinto Grecia
Experience a peaceful escape to St. Harry's Windmill, a charming accommodation in Kypseli, Zakynthos, a picturesque village with...
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Villa Kanalos - Kalamaki
Villa Kanalos - Kalamaki Zacinto
Villa Kanalos is a beautiful stone villa, which is a unique option for groups of friends and families...
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Blue Caves Villas - Volimes
Blue Caves Villas - Volimes Zacinto Grecia
For people who want to stay far away from mass tourism. We are looking forward to welcoming you...
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Oscar Hotel - Laganas
Oscar Hotel - Laganas Zacinto
Located close to the centre of Laganas is where you will find the Oscar complex. A superb hotel consisting...
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Zante Sun Resort - Agios Sostis
Zante Sun Resort - Agios Sostis Zacinto Grecia
Welcome to the Zante Sun Hotel which is located in a quiet corner of Agios Sostis tourist resort....
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Cronulla Hotel - Kalamaki
Cronulla Hotel - Kalamaki Zacinto
Cronulla is a wonderful hotel with a swimming pool, family-run since its very first opening in 1988. Located...
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Ilaria Hotel - Laganas
Ilaria Hotel - Laganas Zacinto Grecia
The Hotel Ilaria is located in an ideal spot for relaxing holidays in a quiet area of Kalamaki....
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Macedonia Hotel - Kalamaki
Macedonia Hotel - Kalamaki Zacinto
Located in the cosmopolitan resort of Kalamaki is where you will find this friendly family run complex. The...
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Mitros Apartment - Lithakia
Mitros Apartment - Lithakia Zacinto Grecia
Mitros Apartment is a beautiful newly-built attic apartment, which is a unique option for families and groups of...
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Paradisso Beach Villas - Amoudi
Paradisso Beach Villas - Amoudi Zacinto
Paradisso Beach Villas are three fantastic luxury residencies in Ammoudi, a few meters away from two wonderful private...
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Vasilikos Beach Hotel - Vassilikos
Vasilikos Beach Hotel - Vassilikos Zacinto Grecia
Located in the Vasilikos area, a mere 150m away from the sands of lovely Agios Nikolaos beach, Hotel...
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Kouros Resort - Kalamaki
Kouros Resort - Kalamaki Zacinto
Located in Kalamaki, just 2 km away from the popular tourist resort of Laganas and 5 km from...
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Playa Del Zante - Psarou
Playa Del Zante - Psarou Zacinto Grecia
Playa del Zante is a complex located in the quiet village of Gerakari close to the tourist resort...
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