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The green island of Zante, called by the Venetians "the flower of the east" is rich in wildlife and flora. The heavy rainfall in the winter helps the island to be verdant and covered with forests, fruit orchards and olive groves and the geology has also created beautiful beaches, secluded coves and blue caves.

There is so much to see on Zakynthos - it really is a 'feast for the senses' - with a whole spectrum of colours, fragrances and sounds sure to delight. Many consider that the real highlight of the island is its unspoilt beauty and its ecology. To visit Zante and not see the caves, the turtles and other wildlife, appreciate the flowers, enjoy the stunning cliff views and watch the beautiful sunsets would really be to miss out on a special and unique experience.

The endangered Caretta Caretta turtles are strongly associated with Zante as they nest their eggs on the beaches in the south of the island around the Lagana Gulf. Zakynthos is of immense environmental importance to the turtles, as they have lost many beaches throughout the Mediterranean due to commercialisation - and the beaches in Greece, in particular on Zante, are the turtle's last heaven where their babies can hatch.

Another species that relies on the clear waters around Zante is the Monachus Monachus seal (often called the monk seal). The seals are the *most *endangered species in Europe, with only a few hundred animals remaining in the Mediterranean. Dolphins can also sometimes be seen of the coast of Zante, making an impressive display as they dance in and out of the calm sea.

Zante also has many types of flowers and while these are best viewed in the spring and summer there are flowers in bloom all year round. The forests are rich with birds and many migratory birds stop off at the island for a rest before continuing their journey.

For more detailed accounts of the Caretta Caretta turtles, Monk seals, flowers, birds and other wildlife to be found on Zakynthos please follow the links below.


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