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How to Pack Without Overpacking

Many people fall victim to lugging large, heavy bags throughout the airport or train station when they go on a vacation to Zakynthos Island. This "How-To" is the answer to their prayers.


  1. Research the average climate and weather for your vacation spot (Zakynthos) during the month you are visiting.
  2. With the weather information you just found in mind, pull the clothes from your closet that are climate appropriate to your destination.
  3. Match up just enough outfits for number of days you are going on vacation (unless, you can re-use)Mix and matching outfits gives you a variety of outfits with smaller number of clothing. Such as take all clothes in black and beige with a few colored tops.
  4. et the smallest suitcase possible that will hold the clothes you have set aside and a few other small items.
  5. Pack the clothes into the suitcase by rolling the clothes into small balls. This allows you to fit more into a small suitcase.
  6. Get together your shoes and toiletries but only allow yourself to pack what fits into the one small suitcase.
  7. Close the suitcase and you are on your way to a pleasant vacation.
  8. If all else fails, just pack as usual, then take half away.


  • Be sure to roll the clothes instead of folding them. With this technique you will have more room left over in your suitcase for other items.
  • Try to pack shoes that are neutral colors such as black and white. These shoes will match with more outfits, so you will not have to pack as many shoes which will lighten up the load of the suitcase.
  • Squeeze all the air out of your pack, you'll get lots more room.
  • has clothing that is reversible and can be washed out in the bathroom sink and will dry overnight.


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