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How to Travel by Air to Zante Zakynthos Greece

Whether you're taking a long-awaited vacation or meeting with potential clients, traveling by air can sometimes be quite a hassle. This is especially true in our post-9/11 world. By making just a few sensible preparations before you board that plane to Zante, you can be less stressed and more comfortable. In fact, you can even make things easier on your fellow travelers!


  1. Pack what you'll need, but pack well. Many airlines now weigh your suitcases when you check them and then charge you if they're over the set weight limits. Fees vary, so check airline websites for rules. For help with packing, read this wikiHow page: Pack for a Trip.
  2. Print your boarding pass at home. If you purchase your ticket online, several airlines now allow you to print your boarding pass before you even get to the airport. So skip the line!
  3. Dress appropriately for safety and security. Though rare, airline accidents do happen. Should it become necessary to evacuate the plane by using that inflatable slide, or worse, walking out onto the wing, the last things you want to be wearing are shorts, a tank top or spike heels. Keep it simple: cotton or other natural fiber clothing (synthetics are more flammable), long sleeves and pants, sensible shoes, preferably sneakers. Nine times out of ten, TSA won't make you remove your sneakers when you go through security. If you don't have/like/want to wear sneakers, wear shoes that can be easily removed and put on in case you do have to remove them. Also, you can purchase slip-on sneakers which don't need to be tied. However, keep your footwear on at all times on the plane as the last thing you want is fumbling with them when an emergency arises.
  4. Keep carry-on items to a minimum. You're only allowed 2 carry-ons nowadays, and that includes a purse or backpack. Pack only absolute necessities in your carry-on. This can include medications, reading materials, information pertinent to your trip, your passport if traveling outside the US, a small travel kit in case your luggage is lost or delayed, a snack, or anything else you feel you can't do without, like your mp3 player. Also choose a small carry-on bag that will fit into the overhead compartment and keep the already limited footspace free.
  5. Take your own pillow and blanket. Long flights, particularly overseas, can be almost unbearable without these essential comfort items. But this doesn't mean you need to bring your bed pillow and your down comforter. Check out travel stores and websites for neck pillows and blankets that fold to the size of a DVD case. You never know who might have used the airline's pillows and blankets before you, or what their hygiene practices are--or aren't.
  6. Bring a few health items. Gum may help keep your ears clear; earplugs are even better. Even if you don't usually get airsick, Dramamine can be a lifesaver if you hit some rough turbulence. If you have a cold or sinus problems, take a decongestant well before you board the plane, but bring nasal spray just in case.



  • Cologne, perfume and hair spray shouldn't be used at all--they're flammable. If you must use them, keep it to a minimum. This goes double for perfume and cologne. Too many people with too much perfume in too small a get the idea.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. The stylish jogging suits available now are a good option--as long as it's cotton.



  • Avoid making jokes about guns, hijacking, terrorism, etc. They're taken very seriously and you will be escorted off the plane by security, and possibly fined.
  • Remember that flight attendants aren't there just to serve drinks. Their main job is to keep every passenger safe. Respect their authority and follow their instructions.
  • The only way you can make a plane late is by delaying boarding, so don't stand in the aisle unless you have no choice, load up the overhead quickly, and sit down as fast as you can. Keep the items you'll want at your seat in a small bag so you don't need to rummage around. Put your jacket under the seat in front, or take it off before entering the aircraft.

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