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Zante Museums Zakynthos - Solomos & Kalvos museum

Solomos & Kalvos zakynthos museums - Solomos & Kalvos museum zante town


Solomos & Kalvos Museum of Zakynthos

The museum of Dionysios Solomos and other prominent Zakynthos, is located on St Markos square in the capital town. The tomb of the famous poet and author of the Greek National Anthem, Dionysios Solomos is contained here along with many of his personal belongings.

There are also exhibits of the possessions of other well known Zakynthians, such as Romas and Xenopoulos known for their contributions to art and literature.

There are many clothes on display from the Venetian period, as well as furniture, photographs and portraits. It is an eclectic and interesting display.

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