Таверны рестораны Закинф - Отдых на Закинфе

Best Value Car Rental in Zakynthos - Zante


Таверны рестораны Закинтос - Остров Закинф

   Таверны рестораны Закинтоса - Ионические острова, Греция

Relax Restaurant - Alykes
Relax Restaurant-Bar is delighted to welcome old customers and new to enjoy a relaxing morning, afternoon or evening...
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Taverna Diahroniko - Skoulikado
A farm, a family, our homestead, dedication and all that grows in our land, here at Skoulikado, in...
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Tsikoudia Taverna - Zante Town
Tsikoudia is an authentic Greek tavern that serves traditional Greek meze in the center of Zante town, close...
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Sea View Restaurant - Vassilikos
Sea View Restaurant – your best option if you desire to taste the world-renowned Greek cuisine, while enjoying...
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Avli - The Yard of Taste Restaurant - Zante Town
Dishes with fresh, organic ingredients for vegans, gluten free fans and people who enjoy delicious food in general....
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Bassia - Akrotiri
Enjoy fine dining under the stars with the blue Ionian Sea spread out in front of you as...
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Dominicale Sea Food Restaurant - Argassi
The DOMINICALE restaurant is situated on the East coast of Zakynthos Island, embraced by the natural haven of...
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Fidelio Restaurant - Alykes
Fidelio family run restaurant in the centre of Alykes, offering a wide range of exquisite cuisine all home...
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Nikos Taverna - Vassilikos
Welcome to Nikos Taverna located on the beautiful, picturesque peninsula of Vassilikos in the village of Gerakas. This pretty...
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Paradosiako - Alykes
To Paradosiako is a marvellous Greek taverna, situated on the main road, 100 m from the beach of...
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Popolaros - Ampelokipoi
Popolaros restaurant is located in the area of Ampelokipi and offers a wide range of traditonal Zakynthian cuisine...
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Utopia Restο - Argassi
Delicious dishes with a twist in a romantic setting right on the coast of Argasi....
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Porto Kaminia Beach Bar Restaurant - Vassilikos
Where the clear blue of the Ionian Sea meets carefully tended gardens, the traveler will find Porto Kaminia...
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Carpe Diem Restaurant - Laganas
An elegant restaurant right on the main strip of Laganas and just 70 meters from the beach. Enjoy...
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Porto Azzuro Beach Bar Restaurant - Vassilikos
The Porto Azzuro Beach Bar Restaurant offers all the amenities for a comfortable and pleasant stay....
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Plaka Beach Restaurant Bar - Vassilikos
The Plaka Beach resort offers dining solutions from early in the morning until late at night right on...
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Chef-i - Zante Town
Fine dining services by professional full time Private Chef.Private dinners,cooking classes,exclusive catering services...
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Fishalida Beach Bar Restaurant - Alykes
Fishalida Beach Bar Located right on the long sandy beach in Alykes, this beach bar is well worth...
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Plan Your Day - Zante Town
A catering company with more than 10 years of experience in creating unique dinners for any kind of...
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